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Retail Audits

Retail audits are carried out in order to help suppliers to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, it is imperative to design and implement a strong retail audit strategy.

SOP Check Audits

Standard Operating Process checks are very crucial to ensure the smooth operations for an outlet and to keep a close check for on-ground operations with regard to brand vision.

Sanitisation & Hygiene check

In the post COVID-19 lockdown era sanitisation and Hygiene checks are going to be mandatory standards for every brand, it is must to ensure the safety of consumers.

Pricing Check Audits

Pricing is the most important aspect for any brand, considering the consumer’s selection extensively depends on the pricing. We help you hit the bulls eye for your product pricing.

Consumer Satisfaction Audits

We help you measure the consumer satisfaction index through our audits and also help you improve the same through rigorous auditing and dynamic strategies designed by experts.

Visual merchandising Audits

We help your product gain more visibility in the consumer’s eye, we tell you the existing positioning and based on that come up with the best shelf position for your product.

Infrastructure Audits

Infrastructure audits are essential in order to examine and evaluate the overall outlet management along with the physical branding and visual elements present in the outlet.

Staff Integrity check Audits

Staff integrity is the most important aspect behind success of any brand, we check the staff for ethical activities and loyalty then reward them if followed in every situation.

Pre product Launch Survey

Before launching any product in the market it is essential to understand the consumer feedback for existing same segment products to position your product rightly specially in terms of pricing.

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