Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming A Mystery Shopper Is Very Convenient And Also Has A Lot Of Perks Especially With Insight. The Basic Necessities For Becoming A Mystery Shopper/Auditor Are As Follows-

- A computer or laptop with internet connection

- A smartphone with decent camera

- Fluency in written English for filing the audit report

- And most important is an eye for detail

We appreciate your interest in collaborating with us as a Mystery Auditor/Shopper.

The registration process is very straightforward & easy.

- You just have to visit- and create your account by mentioning your email address and verify your registered email address.

- Once your email address is verified you can proceed logging into your Insight account- and fill in your Personal, Bank and additional details and complete your Profile.

We are doing our best to get exciting audit opportunities for you and also doing our best to ensure your health safety during the audit visit. Whenever there are new audit opportunities available in your mentioned city we will actively notify you through email as well as someone from our team will get in touch with you over phone call and guide you through the further process.

We are very keen to collaborate with you to get the audit report from you, we have to make sure that your auditor profile suits the best for the task in hand. In order to ensure smooth communication and clarity we will first be notifying you through an email followed by a phone call from our team member to confirm your willingness and availability for the audit conduction.

The remuneration of mystery audit varies from brand to brand, in some cases you might get to avail free amenities like free food, free movie or free shopping as a part of the audit process and the expense done by you is completely taken care of by Insight. But in some cases there will be a direct monetary benefit for the visit you conduct, which will be transferred to your bank account based on the details mentioned by you on the Insight Portal under your Profile section.

Once you have successfully conducted the Mystery Audit then we internally verify and fine tune your submitted report and in case there are some proofs missing or details missing then we get in touch with you. Once the report is completed and approved by our internal team then it is submitted to the client for review. So tentatively it takes 15-30 days to get the payment in your account from the date of your report approval. You will be notified about your report approval over email along with and update about payment processing.

We’ve proudly architectured, designed & developed Insight in India and want to spread it world-wide.

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